Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya

Students Achievement

Students and Lecturers at Master of Hospital Management are encouraged to attend presentations of posters and abstracts of research at national and international seminars in hospital extent. Some posters and abstracts that have been presented are as follows:

1. Heru susanto Organization Support is the key for Developing Hand Hygiene Compliance Quality Forum Bali 2011
2. Kasil Rochmat Implementing Clinical Guideline for DHF Patients Strategy to Reduce Variance Quality Forum Bali 2011
3. Yetty Nusaria Nawa Beautiful Nurse-Patient Interaction and Patient Involvement Potential in Improving Nurses’ Hand Hygiene Compliance (poster) IHQN Forum Yogyakarta, 2012
4. Indiati Healthcare Failure Mode Effect and Analysis (HFMEA): Process of Surgery Patient Services at Hospital X IHQN Forum Yogyakarta, 2012
5. Asri Maharani Is Public Hospital Less Efficient than Its Private Counterparts? A Study at Two Hospitals in Kediri District (poster) National Seminar Yogyakarta 2010