Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

Information on Education

Education Process

Education process in Master of Hospital Management Graduate Program Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya is oriented on academic education and consists of several stages.

Academic Prerequisites
The requirements for applicants are including academic mark and educational background owned:

  1. Academic Mark
    A minimum GPA of 2.75 (on a scale of 4.0) or 6.25 (on a scale of 10.0).
  2. Educational Background
    Prospective students have a minimum educational background of Bachelor degree or Profession Bachelor Degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing, General Practitioner, Dentist, Bachelor of Public Health, Bachelor of Economics, Management, Accounting, or Bachelor of Administrative Science)

Registration procedures

- Online registration can be accessed through website: (Administrative requirements must be completed)


- Health certificate letter from a government doctor, including the Drug Free certificate letter.

- Recommendation letters from two people (for master degree) who are considered capable of providing applicants’ academic eligibility.

- Permission letter from superiors (if the applicant has worked) that states freed from the institution’s tasks. For public and private university lecturer, the permission must be obtained from the Rector. For candidate students from the health department then the permission must be obtained from the immediate supervisor, for example, the hospital director, the head of health department.

- Information letter about the source of funding and/or the person in charge of study funding

- Family approval letter to continue studying.

And also attach:

  • A certified copy of S1 or S2 certificate
  • A copy of certified transcript; for prospective students from private universities must include state exam scores.
  • The scientific work after graduation (if required).
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Recent photograph size 4 x 6 (4 pieces).
  • A copy of TPA OTO-BAPPENAS certificate (min. 400)
  • IBT TOEFL certificate (min. 50)
  • A copy of valid Identity Card (KTP)


Admission Selection

Admission selection of MMRS Study Program Graduate Program FKUB is implemented in sequence, namely:
Phase I Administrative Selection
Phase II Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test and Interview
If the student has been given a letter stating passing the selection, then the student must follow Short Semester Matriculation (PAT), Materials of Short Semester Matriculation are as follows:

  • Epidemiology of Health Management
  • Anthropology Sociology of Health
  • Organizations and Hospital Management
  • Health Economics
  • Philosophy of Science

Admission Calendar

Deadline for Form Submission March 31
Selection Process May 1 to 10
Selection Result Announcement May 20 to 25
Re-registration of Short Semester Matriculation May 25 to 30
Short Semester Matriculation June 1 to July 6
Odd Semester Re-registration On Schedule UB’s rector
Orientation on Program Study (Study Skill & Outbound) August 26 to 29
Start of Odd Semester Lecture September to December
Changes will be notified before activities


Fee *

Fees required to enroll in Master of Hospital Management FKUB are as follows:

  1. Registration and Selection
Rp. 1.000.000, -
  1. Short Semester Matriculation
Rp. 3.500.000, -
  1. Single Tuition Fee per Semester **
Rp. 20.500.000, -
* Fees are subject to change according to Rector Decree

** In accordance to Minister of Finance Regulation No. 63/PMK.05/2015