Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 26 July 2017 , by admin mmrs , in category News

Olino Hotel was crowded with the students of Hospital Management Program, class of 2016 since Saturday morning, 18 March 2017. Apparently, the students were busy on preparing seminar entitled “Hospital Benchmarking: a Dedication for Safety and Excellence”. The seminar itself was the end of a hospital visit program, whereby the visit was being held on 5-8 March 2017. On that occasion, students had the opportunity to visit Siriraj Hospital and Thailand Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The aim of the seminar was to share and discuss the benchmarking result to the audience. The visit participants acted as speaker and moderator. Meanwhile, the lecturers provided feedback and comment towards the presentation.


Approximately, 20 people attended this event. The seminar started at 09.00 WIB and ended at 14.30 WIB. Four presenter groups brought presentation of a specific topic of the following:

•    role and impact of national health system in implementing patient safety management and service excellence in Indonesia hospital

•    gap analysis: patient safety standard and implementation in Thailand hospital and the fact in Indonesia Hospital

•    cost and consequences of patient safety and service excellence and the strategy to cope with health financing scheme

•    developing hospital for marketing strategy and maintaining hospital sustainability

It is quite interesting to found out that the whole presentation was done in English. The moderator and the host were also required to speak in English throughout the seminar. Having said that, the seminar also served as means to develop presentation skill in English as well as to raise student confidence in foreign language speaking.