Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

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Written on 21 June 2017 , by admin mmrs , in category News

At the end of a semester, it is common that a final examination will take place. However, there was something uncommon about semester 1 final examination, which was held on 15-16 January 2017. Why is that?


The examination, entitled Ujian Akhir Semester Terintegrasi (Integrated Semester Final Examination), adapted the concept of a popular TV Show-The Apprentice, which is a business show hosted by billionaire and current US President, Donald Trump. The examination evaluated students comprehensively and assessed their abilities to integrate knowledge of all modules in handling managerial issues faced by hospital managers.


Students were divided into four groups, who played the role of an internal management team of a hospital. The team was given a task to conduct an analysis and develop a new service product or improve a product that had already existed. The exam participant would be marked based on the written assignment they had submitted, presentation, and the performance they demonstrate during the discussion. Each group received a 2 hour time allocation, consisting of 20 minutes presentation and 100 minutes discussion.


This integrated type of approach was intended to evaluate the team and individual achievement at mastering the expected competencies. The aspects that were evaluated, included the mastery of relevant knowledge, the ability to analyze data, the use of adequate reference, and the ability to write and to present, the ability to work in a team, as well as the demonstration of leadership and professionalism qualities.


When looking from the student’s perspective, the integrated examination is well-received by students. One of the exam participants from class of 2016 admitted to prefer this type of examination to a conventional, written exam. She felt that the integrated type was more practical and was able to measure students understanding more accurately than the conventional type which emphasized on memorizing exam’s material.