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Written on 27 September 2017 , by admin mmrs , in category News

Leadership plays a vital role in the success of a manager in managing an organization. Effective leadership is able to transform all elements of the organization towards the creation of a good organization culture. Realizing the importance of this, the Hospital Management Program decided to organize a leadership workshop in order to equip students with sufficient knowledge of leadership.

This year’s leadership workshop was held on 20-22 July 2017 at the Scudetto room, Ijen Suites. The workshop, which was attended by 23 students of class 2016, invited leadership practitioners and experts. The workshop was started with a presentation from dr.Agnes Widayu MMRS, the Director of Malang Hermina Hospital, who was also an alumnus of the program.  She was indeed enthusiastic in articulating the values that a leader should hold onto, based on her own experience. She also explained the way how Hermina group foster leadership and develop managerial skills of their employees. Students were also excited in class, showed by their active participation in discussion.

After being given the picture of leadership in reality by dr.Agnes, the students’ understanding was strengthened through the presentation of “the foundation of leadership theory” and “current issues of leadership” by the experts from the Faculty of Economics. The experts were Prof.Armanu Ph.D., Mr. Misbahuddin Azzuhri, MM, and Prof. Dr. Noermijati, MTM. During these presentations, students are given the knowledge regarding a wide range of leadership approach, from trait approach to situational approach. Current issues of leadership, covering the leader member exchange theory, transformational, and transactional leadership, were also discussed in detail.

This event was closed with a role play. During the session, each student was asked to prepare a written report and a presentation about the leadership issues in their respective institution, as well as the problem-solving steps and recommendations. One student from NTT, Mrs.Maria, brought an interesting presentation. She experienced two leadership style exercised by the same leader within two periods. Mrs.Maria, who is a midwife in Larantuka Hospital in NTT, also opened the eyes of the audience about the difficulty of accessing health service in Larantuka. For illustration purpose, she played a video showing a mother, who was referred from an island to Larantuka Hospital, had to give birth in the middle of the sea due to the long distance between the two places. Many audiences felt moved when watching the video.

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