Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

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Written on 27 September 2017 , by admin mmrs , in category News

August 28th, 2017 will be the day when the students enter the odd semester. The students from the class of 2016 prepared themselves for the third semester. During that semester, the students are going to undertake an internship in a hospital, in which they will observe and conduct a study to solve problems faced by the hospital. To do so, students would need a good communication skill to communicate with the hospital. It is, therefore, the Hospital Management program decides to equip students with communication skill by organizing a 2-days-workshop on August 4-5th, 2017.


Located in the Ijen suites hotel, this workshop provides the students with basic communication skills, advocating, mediating, motivation, persuasion and conflict resolution skills. In addition, students were also introduced to personality types with the purpose of helping students to understand and accept people of different personalities. The class looked very lively and boisterous with laughter when students tried to analyze their own personality. The first-day event then was closed with the presentation about the strategy of dealing the conflict between individuals and organizations.


On the next day, students had to be fully involved in class as they were required to make a presentation. The students were divided into two class which had two facilitators each. In the class, each student had to create a scenario of managerial problems in a hospital, present recommendation to solve the problem as if the student was a hospital management consultant. The facilitator would then marked the student based on his/her ability to present a problem and persuade the audience, who would act as the hospital’s top managers. The result? As a matter of fact, almost all of the students were able to persuade the audience even though they used a diverse persuading styles. They were only given a night time to make a scenario and presentation. However, they were able to make a coherent presentation and scenario, as well as able to engage the audience.

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