Hospital Management Master’S Degree Program

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Written on 21 June 2017 , by admin mmrs , in category News

April 26th, 2017 might be one of the unforgettable days for the student of Hospital Management program class of 2014. Three students of the class, which were Drg.Sahat Manampin Siahaan, Neni Maemunah SKp, and dr.Ekowati Supartinah Kamandaka Putri, had been officially awarded the title of Magister Manajemen Rumah Sakit (M.M.R.S) or Master of Hospital Management. The title was given by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine through the ceremonial process- Yudisium. The Yudisium participants finished the study in 5 semesters and passed the program with “Highly Satisfactory” by obtaining cumulative GPA ranging from 3,51-3,54. The Yudisium ceremony was held in discussion room 2, second floor, Building B Faculty of Medicine, and was attended by Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Secretary of Medical Department, Head of Hospital Management program, and lecturers of Hospital Management program.

In this year, the Hospital Management program has held Yudisium at least twice. The previous Yudisium was held February 10, 2017 and had 3 participants. Two participants, namely Yudha Rose Satiti S.Ikom and Ners Jamilatus Syamsiah Anwar, were students of class of 2013 who obtained cumulative GPA 3,48 and 3,70, respectively. Therefore, they successfully passed the program with “Highly Satisfactory” predicate. Drg.Olivia Novianalie, who was the other participant from the class of 2014, was also graduated with “highly satisfactory” with a cumulative GPA of 3,62.

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